Brazilian Concept



The Carnivore is a Brazilian Concept restaurant category. All meat served during grilling time directly on your plate in rounds i.e (beef, pork, lamb, crocodile, poultry, offal, game, sausages and other meat varieties depending on the season), with a variety of various accompaniments.







We also offer

Bar Plate (assorted grlled barbecue meat)
Mixed Plate (cheese and meat)
Cheese plate (Assortment of all cheeses)
Bar delicassie plate (Mortadelle. sausage, ham)

Events of the week

Evening serving formula
Every evening from Monday to Sunday from 18h

Full lunch at noon
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 15h

Pizza service
In addition along with the meat will serve pizza Every night. NB : we also do pizza and poulet rotti delivery and more.

Sea food Thursday (depending on season)
We serve Fresh lobster & Oister every Evening at 19h

Options to choose

Choice # 1 : 60,000 Ar
A starter or dessert + meat and accompaniments

Choice # 2 : 70,000 Ar
An entry + dessert + all meat and accompaniments

Vegetarian formula : 50,000 Ar
Starter + main course + dessert








Outside catering

We offer a catering service in addition to our restaurant business.
On custommer’s request.

Contact :
Tél : 020 22 241 98 – 034 07 241 98 – 034 05 125 04
Email :

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